Garmin GPS Update

Garmin GPS Update

To ease your travel as well as the navigation, you must keep your Garmin GPS device updated with the latest maps or software updates. These updates provide you the correct information as of today and make the journey trouble-free. Hence, every user must install the Garmin GPS update as and when offered by Garmin. To get professional assistance throughout the update process, you must use the information provided below in this article.

Things to keep in mind for Garmin GPS Update

  • To attach your Garmin GPS app to your computer system you must have a USB cable with you.
  • The entire Garmin GPS update process needs fast internet access on your computer system. 
  • Garmin devices must be fully charged for the uninterrupted update procedure. 
  • You must sign in as an administrator on your computer system.
  • Make sure you use an updated, safe, and secure web browser for the Garmin Express download procedure.

Step-by-Step Instructions to perform the GPS Update

Step-by-Step Instructions to perform the GPS Update
  • Download and Install Garmin Express: 

In order to update your Garmin GPS device, download and install the Garmin Express application in the very first place. Garmin Express webpage via “” must be accessed for downloading the setup file. On the completion of the download process, install the file on your system. The clear instructions for installation will appear on the wizard itself. Follow each of them and complete the installation. 

  • Link your Garmin Device to System and Launch the Application:

The next step of the process is to connect your Garmin navigation device to your computer system. The USB cable must be used for linkage. After connecting, double-tap the Garmin Express Application that you have installed and launch it. 

  • Perform the Initial Setup for Garmin GPS Update:

The primary screen of the Garmin Express application will show you the added devices and provides an option to add more to the list. The first-time users need to add their device by clicking the “Add” option and then choose the preferred device. After device adding, you will be asked to register your device, provide it a nickname, or more. Complete each step carefully with the help information available on their individual window. 

  • Install the Available Updates on your Device:

The final step of the process is to get the available Garmin GPS updates and install them on your system. Garmin offers its users with two types of updates i.e. Map and System updates. Both the types of updates are generally available for free. So, on the main interface of the application, the available updates will appear. You can review the updates by clicking the “View Details” link. Click the “Install All” tab for all the updates. When you click the link, the License Agreement will come into view. Accept the terms after reviewing them. The process of update installation will initiate immediately. After waiting for a few minutes for the procedure will come to an end.

Common Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Garmin Update Issues

Common Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Garmin Update Issues

Garmin GPS update is quite a simple and easy process that takes a couple of minutes to get completed. However, at times, the device or the Garmin Express application does not work firmly and show you the error messages. There is no big deal on getting the error messages as Garmin is a technical device and getting errors in midway is common. Although, you can fix these errors easily with the help of troubleshooting steps given below. 

Device Storage Issue: This is the most common error a Garmin user faces while installing the Garmin GPS update. To fix this issue, you any opt for any of the options:

  • Insert an SD card into your Garmin device so as to enhance its internal storage.
  • Choose a specific region and install the map of that particular region rather than installing the full-fledged map. 

Garmin Express Application Error: A user might get the error messages while downloading or installing the Garmin Express application. Since this application plays a crucial role in Garmin GPS update, you must fix the application errors asap. For this:

  • Try to restart your computer system.
  • Make sure you fulfill all the minimum system requirements of Garmin Express.
  • Re-download the setup file using a private window for downloading the file. 
  • Ensure that you have downloaded the file of the correct Operating System.
  • Check the connectivity on your device. If required, then reboot your internet router.

Device Connectivity Issues: Another issue that a user might face is a device connectivity issue. Fix this issue by:

  • Check the USB connectivity. It must be firmly attached. Also, make sure that your cable has no cuts or should not be damaged.
  • Make sure you use an original connecting cable.